Why machine translation? Why now?

We have officially released ArgoMT, our machine translation platform for low-risk documents.

You might ask, Why would a firm focused on high quality human translation since 1995 launch a machine translation (MT) platform?. The reasons are simple.

Many of our customers have asked for an easy-to-use platform for translating low-risk documents quickly and efficiently.

ArgoMT will give our customers an easy web based solution to get a gist of their documents in minutes. The system will preserve formatting on any MS Office document (PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX). Each user will also get their own account where all projects will be securely stored with a copy of the source file, target file and receipt.

Many of our competitors are using machine translation by making it part of their regular workflow. We don’t agree with that approach.

While MT has certainly improved by leaps and bounds, we just don’t believe there is currently any place for it in a regular translation workflow. We find it disturbing that many language service providers are using MT as a first step in a live production workflow and not disclosing this fact to their clients. While we understand that humans can certainly serve as editors to clean up MT output, the end result is lower quality translation. We believe that the better approach is to use MT on its own for low-risk projects with no human intervention. If after MT service the customer wants to upgrade to human translation we will apply the cost of MT to the human translation as a discount but the human translation team will start from scratch. The MT output is not used in the workflow at all.

The demand for translation is increasing everyday and more people will need low-cost alternatives to human translation

More and more companies and individuals require translation services. The overall market for translation services has swelled to over 25 billion USD. We believe there is a huge market for projects that are not being handled due to time and cost restraints. A perfect example is our client who received a 250 page RFP from the Brazilian government. They just needed to understand the gist of the document to see if their company could handle the scope of the project. ArgoMT was a perfect solution.

Innovation in our field is important

Machine translation is certainly in our future. I don’t believe there is any way to deny it. Firms that move quickly to grasp the technology and use it in ways that help their customers will benefit. It is better to shake things up in your market before someone comes along and shakes things up for you.