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Why Hotels Should Hire a Translator

Hotels are considered havens for guests who are tired from their travels. All they want is to arrive at their hotel, and with little to no issues, go straight to their rooms and relax. But what if no one in the hotel speaks their language? Weary from travel, the last thing they need is the frustration that comes with being misunderstood by the reception during check-in.

Anyone who has traveled to a new country knows that it can be a mixture of both excitement and stress, particularly when you have to worry about whether the language barrier will prevent you from effectively communicating with the locals.

Because the tourism and hospitality industries aim to make guests and travelers feel welcomed at all times, hotels should have a translator available or at the very least, an interpreter they can call over the phone any time of the day. Here’s why hotels will benefit from hiring a translator:

Translate Hotel Material

From the moment guests walk into a hotel, there are plenty of signs and reminders to read. Many ignore these signs; however, for the guest who doesn’t speak the local language, these signs offer guidance and direction. This is why translation is needed not just for directions, but for other hotel materials such as signs, menus, welcome letters, brochures, safety guidelines, and hotel rules.

Many hotels have guests sign a document that confirms they’ve read and understood the hotel’s rules and regulations. If they can’t read it, they won’t sign it. Or worse, they sign the document without fully understanding its contents, later leading to problems during their stay.

Guests should be able to order an extra towel or understand the room service menu easily. Having material that explains how to do in multiple languages will allow them to do that.

Attract More Guests

Word gets around, particularly now as people turn to social media to share everything about their travel experiences. When your hotel gains positive reviews from guests who loved their stay because they didn’t encounter frustrating language barriers, you’re likely to get the attention of other people who speak their language.

Hotels rely on good reviews on both social media and booking platforms. When guests have an unpleasant stay because they feel their needs weren’t met or the language barrier caused too much confusion and frustration, the hotel can expect to be rated poorly.

Globalize Hotel Website

When people search for hotels to stay in when they visit a country, they turn to the hotel’s website for more information. If they can’t understand and navigate their way around your site, chances are they won’t book. When your website is translated into the most popular languages, you will be able to reach new markets and keep business going strong year-round.

When hotels hire a translator or partner with a translation service, it means they are going the extra mile to be more accommodating to current and future guests. And ultimately, isn’t that what the tourism and hospitality industry is all about?