Review of MadCap Lingo 8

We have been using MadCap Lingo since its inception so I always get a little excited about the introduction of a new version. As you can imagine I was really happy to hear about some of the new features in this release. There is some good stuff in here!

When I write these reviews I write them from the viewpoint of a language service provider using the tool for packaging content and quality assurance of MadCap Flare files during the translation process. I know the tool supports other file types, but we use our Translation Management Server for those files. We typically stick to using Lingo for Flare projects (which can also encompass resources from all of the tools in the MadPak suite of tools).

Some of the new features in this release are:

  • Enhanced file support for Wordfast Files (*.txml), Trados Tag Files (*.ttx), SDL Xliff Files (*.sdlxliff)
  • Newly redesigned Termbase Editor which allows you to add terms for various languages with their respective metadata (gender, part of speech, usage, etc.) all in the same place
  • Newly redesigned Translation Editor allowing for splitting and joining segments, applying Inline Formatting Styles to text from the local toolbar, the addition of a segment filter for source and target content (I love this!), the ability to add notes to segments
  • New Concordance Search pane
  • New Segmentation Rule Editor
  • New Character Dialog where you can choose from hundreds of characters and symbols you can insert into your translations
  • Support for 101% matches (Context Matches)

I decided to do a walk through of a project and had a few observations. At file import I really liked the options to work with translation memory (TM) from some different sources right in the dialog (see below). It is really nice to be able to import a TMX, choose a local TM or Network TM right from this screen. I also like the ability to create a new TM and choose to pre-translate only if I want to have the translation memory applied. There are instances where you might only want to analyze at project creation and not apply the TM.


After the project was built I moved into the editor. There are some nice new features here (see below).


I really like the new feature that allows you to filter on specific words in either the source or target. This is a very handy tool for a translator for making sure that terms are consistent throughout a file. I also like the ability to add notes to either the source or target segments. This is a great tool for communicating to the next person in the workflow (i.e. translator to editor).

I also decided to do a ribbon comparison between V7 and V8 (see below). You will notice the ability to add inline tags and inline numbers and also the ability to join or split segments right form the ribbon. Great additions!


This release also has some upgrades and better processing power for MS Word files and better preview features for MS PowerPoint. Overall this is a strong update with some very good features for translators.