Do your customers remember the magic?

Magic. That’s what they make. Magic, and memories. We all know who I’m talking about. The company with the mouse, and the castle. And just how do they do that? Without a doubt, it is all tied to their customer service. A lot, a lot, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make the guests happy.

On a recent trip to this magical place, I lost a shoulder bag filled with valuables. Ok, filled with a collection of trading pins that I had purchased on more than a few visits. I went to customer relations before we left the park that evening and asked if my bag was found. No, not yet. I was leaving for home the next day, so I basically kissed that collection good-bye.

Heartbroken, we flew home the next day. That evening we received a call from the park and were told they may have found my bag. Could I please identify 2-3 pins in the bag? Absolutely.

I received my bag, all pins intact, the very next day. Really? That is truly customer service. Of all the things lost in that park, all the events going on, and all the people coming and going, they took the time to locate, identify and return my stuff to me very quickly. Just like magic.

Can you say the same about your customer service? If you remember the magic, your customers will too.