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The Importance of a Translation Project Manager

Project management is a large category in terms of skill set, but a good translation project manager will have the skills and knowledge of the industry to complete your translation project in a timely fashion, handling all sorts of nuances behind the scenes to relieve you of any worry with the success of the translation….

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What is video remote interpretation

What is Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)?

Video Remote Interpreting is used in medical offices, counseling appointments, training events, and other venues to provide live visual interpretation through a computer monitor, a television screen, or other audio-visual equipment. In this article we’ll define video remote interpretation and talk about when it’s best used. – What is Video Remote Interpretation? Video remote interpretation…

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Client translation review tips

Client Translation Review Tips

It may be called many things – client review, subject matter expert (SME) review, internal review, etc. Let’s talk about the client translation review and what you should keep in mind when you’re planning to setup a review team for your translation projects. What is a Client Translation Review? A client review process is when…

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