Argo Translation, Inc. Responds to Poor Translation in the Healthcare Industry with a Free Solution

Argo Translation, Inc. announced today that they are offering a free certified medical history document in Spanish that will be available for any and all medical facilities.

After numerous questions have been asked about the lack of proper translation in the medical community, Argo Translation has answered with a free offering for anyone who may need it. Recent reports state that unfortunately machine translation is becoming the accepted norm for translating important medical documents and prescription instructions. Automatic translation or machine translation certainly should not be acceptable in a pharmacy/medical facility or any place a life may be at risk from the consequences of a poor translation.

Because of this lack of proper translation, Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation’s President and Operations Manager , has decided to extend a free, certified medical registration form translated into Spanish to all medical facilities that may need it to better serve their Spanish-speaking patients. The form is also available in an English version so employees can verify exactly what the patient is filling out on the form.

Argondizzo says, “After reading many articles about the lack of proper translation in the healthcare industry, we decided something needed to be done to solve at least a small portion of the problem. The medical form we have translated can be used by anyone in the industry to facilitate Spanish-speaking patients with confidence.” Argondizzo continues, “The fact that this form is available at no cost really demonstrates how serious we consider this issue. Doctors and patients will strongly benefit.”

To obtain a free copy of this translated medical form please download the forms from the links above.

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